The standard payment processing fee on Hubtel is 1.95% of the transaction amount for both mobile money and card transactions. This fee is charged on the Merchant by default. However, Hubtel provides the flexibility for a Merchant to pass on the processing fee to their customers. 

But please note that, charges differ slightly when customers are bearing the fees. This helps to simplify the mobile money charges across all mobile money networks for your customers. 

See below for a breakdown of customer bearing mobile money fees:

Pros of Passing Fees to Your Customer

  • You are able to avoid the Hubtel fee by passing it to your customers.
  • Customers get a better deal on all mobile money platforms, when they bearing the fee on a transaction.

Cons of Passing Fees to Your Customer

  • Your customers may not be happy for bearing the fees.
  • You are required to explain to your customers that they'll bare the processing charges.

How To Pass The Fees To Your Customers
API Merchants:
If you're a Developer or a Business accepting online payments with the Hubtel Payment API, you can easily set the FeesOnCustomer parameter to True to pass the fees to your customers. See API Reference here.

POS Merchants: If you're using Hubtel Point Of Sale (HPOS) or USSD to accept in-store payments, you can place a request to to set the fees on the customer for your account.

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