To add multiple items smoothly and quickly, you must download our sample template, create your excel file with your items and import it into Hubtel POS. 

Creating the excel file 

  1. Download our sample excel template. You can access this link from Items > Add Items > Bulk Excel Upload > Download Sample Excel File in Hubtel POS.  

    : Read instructions on each field, what it means and the expected values from the excel sheet in the template you download.
  2. Add items: Once you downloaded the Hubtel POS excel template, you will need to add in your item information. Click here to see a list of all the different columns you might want to include and fill out in your item excel file
  3. Items with Varieties: When you set up items with varieties, the items have the same name, but each has their own SKU. The first line (which also includes a variant option) needs to include all the information about that item family, such as type, tags, brand, supplier, description.

Importing your items 

Once you have created your excel file with your items, you'll need to import it. 

  1. Either drag or drop your excel file or click browse to search for and add the excel file. 
  2. As soon as you place your excel file, Hubtel POS will immediately  try to upload your file. 
  3. You will be directed to an import confirmation page. There, you will see information on how many items were uploaded, ignored or have errors.
  4. You will see a notification message that the list of items has been successfully updated. Click 'View Items' and continue your work. 
  5. The admin would be sent an email of the uploaded excel file (including errors if any). 

Note: Even if there are any errors, the correct data will still be uploaded. The admin will receive an email with the uploaded excel sheet. The reasons for any rejected data will be explained in the sheet so it can be corrected. 

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