Having a healthy customer database is vital to learning about your customers wants and needs. It is the first start to build great customer relations and staying ahead in excellent customer service. 

In this article, we will help you setup your customers database and collect their information from the point of sale and engage with them.

Setup your customer database

Below is the default data we think you may like to collect on the customers that buy from you. Of Course, we know you may like to change it, continue ready to learn how.

  1. Mobile phone number
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Gender – (Male or Female)
  6. Occupation
  7. Payment Terms

To manage this list from the POS web back office;

  1. Click Customers -> Customer Details Form.
  2. Select the fields to be captured by checking the boxes by their names.
  3. Once completed, click Save.

Order or arrange the customer details in the order you want them to fill the form.

  1. Hold (using the circled icon below) and drag the name of the field into the position you want. The release your hold of the icon to set the field in that position.

    2. Click Save to update the ordering.

Change the names of fields

  1. Click the Settings icon by the name of the field you want to change.
  2.  Edit the name of the field in the popup that shows by placing your mouse in the "Label Name" text box.
  3.  Click Save when you are done editing to update your changes.

Create new customers from the sell screen

To add a customer to sale, at the end of a sale;

  1. Enter the customer’s phone number to first send them a receipt.
  2. Once their receipt is sent, collect the information shown on the form that appears and saved.
  3. That's it! You will see information of all customers in your customer's database the next time you refresh the list from the back office.

Note: Customers will willingly give you their information if you promise to protect it and also use it to serve them better.

Engaging customers

You can engage all your customers by sending them text messages. To send messages:

  1. Click Customers -> All Customers
  2. Click Engage Customers from the top right corner of the page to use the Hubtel Notify app.
  3. On Hubtel Notify, send a simple message by typing the message you wish to send to your customers. This can be a promo announcement, new arrival or a simple thank you.
  4. When you have to select recipients, click the Choose Contacts button.
  5. Select the Hubtel POS group to see the list of all customers who bought from you. You can edit the numbers from here.
  6. Confirm and send your message.

See more articles on sending and automating messages.

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