Only agents can login to vend from the Vend Agent web app. If you do not have an Agent account, please contact your manager or signup.

Login to hvend with your mobile phone number and PIN.

Once logged in, you can start selling.

Make a Single Payment

Note: Transaction will only be completed if you have money in your wallet.

Make a Batch Payment

Follow the steps below to make a batch payment.

Choose the Preferred Service

  1. Select the Wallet to Vend from
  2. Choose the preferred service from the list of services
  3. Click continue to upload the phone numbers.

Upload a File

Important: Do not change the column headings in the template file. These need to be unchanged for the import to work in the next step.

Note: A maximum of 10,000 payments can be batched at a time.

Review and authorize

Once the file with the batch of payments is uploaded. You can review for correctness.

You can click Back, to upload a corrected file.

You can also Cancel the process if you do not wish to continue.

Click Authorize, to upload the final file.

Note: You must have enough funds for batch transactions to be successful.

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