Hubtel Vend is a bill payment processor and platform for vending third party services (e.g. DSTV bill payments, airtime top up, Internet bundle purchases etc).

It has intuitive online tools that empowers businesses to make bill payments in simple, reliable steps as well offer commissions for wholesaling and retailing Vend’s services.

You can access Vend if you have a verified account on Hubtel. There are two ways to register for a Vend account: either from the Hubtel Portal or from our Vend USSD app.

Register from the Hubtel WEB Portal

You can Register for a business account on Hubtel or Login to your account if you already have one. See more articles on Getting a Hubtel Account.

Register from USSD

You can also register for an account via USSD by dialing *714# on any network. Once registered, login with your phone number and PIN on

Vend for PC

Once logged into Hubtel,

Once you have added the Vend as one of your apps, you can now customize your experience by choosing your account type.

Vend for USSD

From your phone’s keypad,

  1. Dial *714# on any network.
  2. Press 1 (for YES) and click Send.
  3. We will contact you as fast as we can to register you.

Important: Only administrators and users with permission to install or view vend can perform this function.

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