We understand that different organizations will need different experiences using Vend. We allow you to customize your experience by selecting the account that suits your needs.

1. Login to your Vend account at https://apps.hubtel.com/vend
 2. Once logged in, Click on Settings in the top green bar.

3. Select Account Settings.

3. On the page that appears Select the Account type that’s right for you. Need help deciding? See <a href=”https://help.hubtel.com/vend/getting-started/what-are-the-types-of-vend-accounts/”>What are Account Types?</a><br/>

4. Enter your phone number for retailing.

5. Set the I’m New to Vend button to Green 

6. Click Save.

See example, you can choose Reseller as shown below.

7. Click on Dashboard in the green top bar to return to your Vend Homepage.

You are all set with your account! Now you can add and fund your Wallet.

Important: You can also change your experience later. Simply click on Settings in the top green bar when you are ready and proceed as above.

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