A campaign is a group of automated messages you send to a specific audience over a specific timeline. Each message in the series can drive the desired behaviour by each of your subscribers towards the campaign’s goal. 

What Can You Do With Your Campaign?

  • Pause Campaign: This means that the campaign stops running. As a result, all messages under this campaign do not run according to their respective schedule.
  • Resume Campaign: This means that the campaign starts running again. All messages under the campaign resume their schedule.
  • Edit Campaign: Make changes to your campaign with this feature. You can only change name and/ or the Sender ID. You can edit the campaign either paused or active.
  • Delete Campaign: Permanently erase the campaign with all of its messages. This action cannot be undone.
  • View Details: This page gives you all the needed information on the campaign. Find your campaign report and a list of messages under that campaign on this page.

Click here to learn more about creating a campaign with messages and corresponding schedules.

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