Within the context of Hubtel Ads, an SMS Ad is an ad content that is sent out to a targeted audience for the sole purpose of selling a product or service. To create an SMS Ad on Hubtel Ads in 4 simple steps;

STEP 1- Add Your Content

Your content should offer value, should be brief and concise and should include a call-to-action. To start;

  1. Quickly read the instructions on how to create an SMS Ad on the on boarding page and click on Let’s Get Started 
  1. Give your new SMS Ad a name
  2. Select a Sender ID
  3. Add your ad content. You can insert and shorten a web address as well.
  4. Select Next to continue

STEP 2- Select Your Target Audience

A target audience is a recipient for your SMS Ad. From our segmented demographic pool, you can select a target audience for that SMS Ad.

  1. Select the categories of your choice.
  2. Add a maximum of ten (10)  phone numbers to verify delivery of the SMS. Separate each phone number with a comma. This is optional.
  3. Click on Calculate on the right panel, after defining who you want to receive SMS Ad. We inform you of the total number of people you can reach based on your selection.

STEP 3- Set Your Budget And Schedule

A budget is the number of people you would like to reach. This translates into the how much money you want to spend. With Hubtel Ads, you can either set a daily budget or have an ad run on a total budget. To do this,

  1. Set your start date
  2. Set your end date (this is optional. You may decide to let your SMS Ad end when you reach out to an indicated number of recipients)
  3. The summary of how much you are to spend over a specific time frame is displayed on the right pane of the page.
  4. Select Confirm to continue

STEP 4- Preview And Confirm

This page gives you an overall summary of the SMS Ad you just created.

  1. Look over the SMS Ad details.
  2. Select Back or Edit on a particular step if you want to make any changes.
  3. Select Save to successfully save the SMS Ad. The SMS Ad will start on schedule.

The newly created SMS Ad highlights for a few seconds. There is an on-site tour guide on the management of your SMS Ads for the very first time that you create an Ad.

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