To connect to a card reader, please make sure the bluetooth on your iPad is turned on.

  1. Turn on the card reader by pressing the small power button on the top right side of the card reader

2. Hold down the green Tick or the Bluetooth Button on the device for approximately 6 seconds. This should enable the Bluetooth. If enabled, you should see the Bluetooth Indicator flash vigorously.

3. Navigate to the Settings of the App by tapping on the drawer icon on the top left corner of the Sell screen. 

4. On the Settings page tap Card Reader to initiate the connection process.
5. You will see a Muira-model number as a pair-able item. Select the device to connect.

6. Simply Press the green tick on the Muira device and tap Pair on the iPad to confirm the connection

7. Your device should be connected after you follow these simple steps

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