Offline mode in Hubtel POS will allow you to continue processing cash sales if you lose your internet connection while selling.  

If your internet connection drops , POS Online above the screen will change from green to a red POS Offline.

Note: for screens following the screen above, you will notice the internet connectivity icon on the top right of the screen will change from green (online) to red (offline). 

What can I access while I am in offline mode? 

While offline, you will have access to processing cash payments for both quick 

and item sales with printable receipts. Mobile money and Bank card payment channels will be inaccessible until your internet comes back online. 

What do I need to do once my internet connection has been restored? 

Hubtel POS will automatically check your internet connection. Once device is back online, the red connectivity will change to green, and you will be able to access all payment channels again. 


What happens to my sales when I come back online? 

If you have processed sales while offline, these will automatically sync to our servers once your internet connection is stable. This should occur within a few minutes of your internet connection being re-established.  

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