Hubtel payment processing fees have been made simple and easy to understand.
Please note that, Hubtel does not charge for the following services:

  • Opening a Merchant Account. 
  • Sweeping funds to your Mobile Money wallet.
  •  Sweeping funds to bank (manual). It can take up to 3 days for funds to reflect in your account.

Processing fees are charged on a transaction basis and applies to only successful transactions. 

Our payment processing fees apply to the following services only:
     a. Receive Money
     b. Send Money
     c. Instant Bank Sweeps

Receive Money Fees
Hubtel charges 1.95% of the transaction amount for Mobile Money & card payments. By default, Receive Money fee is charged to the Merchant, that is, a customer shopping online at the cost of GHS 20.00, paying with either a mobile money wallet or card, will be debited exactly GHS 20.00. The merchant will however receive GHS (20.00 – 0.39) = GHS 19.61.

But, if the Merchant wishes to pass the fee to the customer, this option is available for mobile money transactions, by setting the FeesOnCustomer parameter to true (See API Reference for details). In this case, the customer will be debited the cost of the item plus the fee. ie GHS (20 + 0.39) = GHS 20.39

You can see a breakdown of the pricing from your Merchant Account here.

Send  Money Fees

Send money fees are based on the transaction amount as indicated below:  

For example, if you want to send GHS 20.00 to a customer. Your Customer will receive GHS 20.00, however your Merchant Account will be deducted GHS (20.00 + 0.50) = GHS 20.50.

Transfer Funds Fees
Hubtel only charges for instant bank transfers.

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