You can use the Payment API to send mobile money to your customers or make bulk payments.

Note that you’ll have to top up your Prepaid Balance on your Merchant Account to be able to send mobile money. 

You can top up your Prepaid Balance by transferring funds from your Available Balance here or make a deposit at any of Hubtel's partner banks. Email for further assistance.

Sample Request

POST /merchants/HMXXXXXXXX/send/mobilemoney HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic endjeOBiZHhza250cG4=
Cache-Control: no-cache
   "RecipientName": "Recipient Name",  
   "RecipientMsisdn": "23324XXXXXXX",  
   "CustomerEmail": "",  
   "Channel": "mtn-gh",  
   "Amount": 0.5,  
   "PrimaryCallbackUrl": "",  
   "SecondaryCallbackUrl": "",  
   "Description": "2 boxes of biscuits",          
   "ClientReference": "10652132"

Sample Response

    "ResponseCode": "0000",
    "Data": {
        "AmountDebited": 0.5,
        "TransactionId": "e64061d688c1410495b6e72f1ae10776",
        "ClientReference": "",
        "Description": "MTN Mobile Money payment has been made successfully.",
        "ExternalTransactionId": "2697322410",
        "Amount": 0.5,
        "Charges": 0,
        "Meta": null
    } }

Send Money Callback

A send money request is asynchronous for both Vodafone Cash and Airtel Money, hence you should implement a callback to confirm the status of a transaction on these two networks. You do not have to implement a callback for MTN MoMo and Tigo Cash. 

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