Hubtel payment transactions have associated statuses that describe the state of a transaction. The statuses have been explained below:

Acknowledged: Hubtel has received the payment request and is yet to forward it for onward processing.

Pending: Payment request is awaiting the callback for the final status of the transaction.

Success: Payment request is successful. It is currently reflecting in your Settlement Balance and waiting to finally settle in your Available Balance.

Settled: Payment has settled in your Available Balance and can now be transferred out into your mobile money or bank account.

Failed:  The payment transaction failed. A transaction can fail for many reasons. See the API documentation page for meaning of Error Codes.

Sent: Send money transaction  is awaiting final response from callback. 

SendOK:  Send money transaction is successful.

SendFailed: Send money transaction failed.

Error: There was an error in processing the online card payment.

Rejected: Hubtel has rejected the request.

Cancelled: The online checkout transaction has been cancelled.

The transaction has been locked. This may be as a result of a disputed transaction or a suspected fraudulent transaction.

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