Important: You should avoid using commas in fields wherever possible. Do not put commas in your item name. 

Name: This will be the name of the item you wish to add. This will appear in your reports, inventory management and from the items sell screen. 

Selling Price: The final price of the item as you would want your customers to see or pay for. This is usually after you have added your cost price and margin. 

Description: Add a description of your item. This could be details of the item, key selling points for your staff or care instructions for fragile items. 

SKU - Providing the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is mandatory. Hubtel POS will automatically generate a new SKU code for your items. However, if you already have existing barcodes, you can choose to enter the SKU manually. The SKU value can be a letters, numbers or a combination of both. 

Barcode: If your item has a barcode, you can enter the barcode in the section provided. The barcode can be numbers, alphabets or a combination of both.

Brand: To add new brands, simply click the button '+' and complete the fields. 

Category: An item can be assigned to only one category. For example, categories for food items could be cereals, sauces and sweets.   

Tags: Items can have multiple tags. These can be used to define more precise characteristics of an item. 

Image: To add an image to your item, drag the image to the Image area or section. This will automatically add the image to the item. Alternatively, you can click the browse file button to select an image from your computer. 

Sale Channels: Use this to control where your items are sold. If you decide not to make an item available to a particular sales channel, then it will be hidden from that channel's item list. Your items will be available on all channels by default (Bulk excel upload). 

Once you've added all the basic information for this item, click Save. If you have inventory tracking enabled, you will need to provide the current stock quantity and other inventory details next. 


You'll need to fill out the item’s inventory details. Here, you can specify the item’s current stock quantity and reorder point (the quantity at which you will receive the low stock notification). 

Important: Inventory tracking on an item is enabled by default. 

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