No items in your inventory? No worries at all, you can still accept payments for purchases made in your store,

 all you need to have ready are the item prices and of course your fingers. 

  1. Enter the price of the item on the number keypad 

2. Tap Charge at the bottom of the page to add a description to the price entered

3. Enter customer phone number to add the customer to the sale or tap Skip at the bottom of the screen to skip this process. 

  1. Tap the Proceed button after customer discovery to see the payment options available.
  2. Choose the customer's preferred payment option.

Accept Hubtel Payments

To receive payment from hubtel, customer must be discovered at the beginning of the sale. Only  hubtel users can pay with this channel. 

  1. Tap Hubtel from the list of payment options 
  2. If customer has been discovered, prompt will automatically be shared with customer to authorize payments 
  3. Customer authorizes payment 
  4. You will receive a notification to confirm payment from customer.


Accept Cash Payments

  1. Enter the cash amount received from customer into the amount tendered field and tap Charge

2. If you have a printer connected, a receipt will automatically be printed to be issued to the customer.

Accept Mobile Money Payments

  1. Enter the mobile money number of the customer and tap Charge.

2. This should display customer details (mobile network and customer name), confirm this information with customer and tap Charge to send prompt.

3. After customer completes the authorization process, sale will be successfully completed.

4. If you have a printer connected, a receipt will automatically be printed to be issued to the customer. 

Accept Bank Card Payments

Before you start a card payment you will need to make sure your card reader is connected to Hubtel POS. Once connected, carefully read and follow the instructions on your device.

Initiate the bank card payment and ask customer to present card. The customer may insert or swipe card.

Chip Card Slot: Insert the cardinto the chip card slot at the bottom of the Card Reader, wait for the instruction on the display, then enter PIN, and press Enter key [✓]. 

 Magstripe Reading Slot: Swipe the card through the slot on top of the Card Reader and make sure the front of the card is facing you.

  1. Ask Customer to enter their PIN if required 
  2. Wait for confirmation 
  3. Ask customer to remove the Card when prompted
  4. Complete sale and print or send SMS receipt.