Channels / Tools: Let’s Get To Work

A brief on all the tools available on Hubtel

Hubtel offers a variety of tools which help businesses increase customer satisfaction, promote sales and reduce customer churn. These tools can be classified mainly into communication and payment/e-commerce products.


Hubtel Ads

Hubtel Ads is a marketing tool designed to help marketers and businesses target campaigns at an audience of their choosing. Ads has an extensive database of numbers and related information on people which allows users to target ads at the right group of people. Learn more

Hubtel Notify

Notify is an online messaging tool which helps businesses to communicate with their customers through SMS. It offers the opportunity for businesses to interact and engage customers while strengthening their brands with personalized solutions for their customers. Learn more

Hubtel Automate

Hubtel Automate is a web application that enables users schedule and automatically send messages to an existing contact list. With Hubtel Automate, you can send messages to your full list of contacts or a subset based on defined conditions that your subscribers must satisfy. Learn more


Hubtel POS

Hubtel Point of Sale (HPOS) is retail POS, customer and employee management software. It allows businesses to easily sell (via the mobile app for now), efficiently track and grow their businesses in-store and on the go. The mobile apps are available in the App Store and on Google Play. Learn more

Hubtel Vend

Hubtel Vend is a bill payment processor and platform for vending third party services (e.g. DSTV bill payments, airtime top up, Internet bundle purchases etc). It has intuitive online tools that empower businesses to make bill payments in simple, reliable steps, as well offer commissions for wholesaling and retailing Vend’s services. Learn more