Hubtel POS Sample Excel sheet - What the different fields means. 

To help you upload multiple items at the same time, we've created a template to make this really. Below is a list of headers that come with the template:

Barcode: The barcode or serial number of the item if exist.  

Name (Mandatory): The name of your item. You can have letters, numbers, and symbols in this field. Do not include #, $, or & symbols  

Selling Price: The price you sell your item for. Don't include a currency sign, just put the number.  If you display the prices of your items including tax, this is the tax inclusive price.   If you display the prices of your items excluding tax, this is the tax exclusive price.

Description: The description of your item. This field can have letters, numbers, and symbols.  

Category: The high-level category this item belongs to. For example 'Clothing' or 'Accessories' or 'Services'.  

Track_inventory: Set this to 1 if you want Hubtel to keep track of your inventory levels.  

Current_quantity: If you would like to track inventory, then fill in an item's current quantity in this field only using digits.  

Low_stock_alert_point: Hubtel send a low stock alert notification to the admin at this point if set or provided. 

Variant_Option_One_Name: The first category/option for variant product. For example, 'Size' or 'Color' or 'Flavor'. Follow the same guide for the Variant options 2 and 3.  

Variant_Option_One_Value: The value for the first variant category. For example 'Small' or 'Black' or 'Chocolate'. Follow the same guide for the Variant options 2 and 3.