Inviting Your Team To Join Your Organization

Learn how to add your team members to your Hubtel organization

To invite users,

1. When you are logged into your Hubtel account, click on your profile icon at the top right corner of the page.

2. Select Admin Settings on the drop down list.

3. Click Users and Teams on the left hand side menu of the page.

4. Click the Invite User(s) button.

5. Select Invite Single User to invite a single user or click Invite Many Users to add multiple users at once. These users will be imported from a file you have created such as an excel sheet.

Adding A Single User

1. Enter the user’s email address, phone number and select a group or team which this user will belong to.

2. If you want to turn on access to any app for your user, click the button on the same row as the app.

3. Click Add to finish.