Topping Up Your Pay-as-You-Go Credit

Learn how to pay for utilities you use on Hubtel

Hubtel provides many utilities (also know as services) that help businesses reach and serve their customers better. Some of these utilities are SMS messaging, USSD sessions and short code rentals, voice minutes for outbound calls, etc.

It is very likely that your business uses one or more of these utilities, and your Hubtel Pay-as-You-Go (also known as PaYG) credit is a great way to pay for them. Here's how you load money or top up.

1. When you're logged into your Hubtel account, from the homepage, click Top Up 

2. To use any of our supported payment options, click Top Up Now when the page loads

3. Then choose the amount you'd like to spend and click Pay Now

4. Confirm and place the order from the invoice you're presented with

5. Choose your preferred payment option and follow the steps to complete the purchase

6. When the purchase is completed, you'll be sent back to the home page where you'll find that your Hubtel PaYG credit has been topped up.