Buying Bundles

Learn how bundling on Hubtel services benefits your business

A bundle is a pre-packaged group of services which are usually heavily discounted if purchased together than if purchased as separate services.

To enjoy some of the best rates, Hubtel has created a number of monthly and quarterly bundles for businesses who can commit to using these services within the bundle period. If you have enough money in your Hubtel PaYG credit, you can purchase one by following these steps:

1. When logged into your Hubtel account, from the homepage, click Top Up 

2. When the page loads, choose to buy a bundle by clicking Choose a Bundle

3. From the list of bundles, select the one that meets your needs, confirm the terms and then click Pay for Bundle

4. Confirm the details of the purchase from the pop-up dialog and click Confirm and Proceed

5. When the purchase is completed, you'll be sent back to the home page where you'll find that the number of active bundles has been updated.

6. Click See Details to see more information about all your active bundles