Keeping Your Bundles Active

Learn how to rollover your existing bundle

If you haven’t used up all of your bundle's allocation by the time it's expiring, you can buy the same bundle again and we'll roll over the old balance onto the new one and it'll be valid for the next bundle period.

To rollover your existing bundle:

1.  When logged into your Hubtel account, from the homepage, click Top Up 

2. When the page loads, choose to buy a bundle by clicking Choose a Bundle

3. From the list of bundles, select the same bundle value as your existing bundle, confirm the terms and then click Pay for Bundle

4. Confirm the details of the purchase from the pop-up dialog and click Confirm and Proceed

5. When the purchase is completed, you'll be sent back to the home page. 

6. Click See Details to see more information about all your active bundles, as well as your rolled over bundle.