What Can You Do on Notify

Notify gives you the ability to communicate with your customers through 3 primary ways:
  • SMS – SMS is a quick and cost effective way to send information to a large group of people at once. Notify SMS also comes with custom sender IDs and the ability to send media files.

  • Email – You can send professionally designed emails to your customers using Notify email templates. This is a great way to advertise your products to customers.

  • Voice Messaging – Want to say it better? You can use voice messaging on Notify to send jingles and catchy sound bites to your customers. This works just like a phone call.

Another important feature on Notify is the feedback tool. You can use Hashtags to get response to your messages from your customers.

How To Use It

Notify is available on the Web at

1. Register for your Hubtel account

2. When defining your business goals, choose to “Engage Your Customers” so that Hubtel will be set up with the tools you need.

From within Notify, you can:

3. Send SMS messages to your contacts or upload and send a voice note to your contacts

4. View detailed reports on messages you’ve sent.

5. Manage your contacts and their details