Welcome On Board. Let’s Get Started

Getting Started with Ads

Welcome on board and thanks for choosing Hubtel. This section is about giving you in-depth knowledge on Hubtel Ads and providing you with all the tools needed for a great experience.

Hubtel Ads is a marketing tool designed to help you target SMS Ads at a segmented audience. With Ads, you can now increase your sales, follow up on leads, and drastically reduce your budget by engaging in intelligently targeted marketing activities. To start, you can always access Hubtel Ads through the following links:
  1. (direct)
  2. (must select the Ads app from the dashboard).

The landing page informs you of the 3 simple steps to successfully create an SMS Ad. Briefly, scan through the quick tutorial on how it works. Click on Let’s Get Started and create an SMS Ad immediately.

Click here to learn more on creating attention-grabbing SMS Ads.