All You Need To Know About Your SMS Ads

Tips to help you with your SMS Ads

Your SMS Ad is an ad that is sent out to a targeted audience. To increase awareness of your products and services, to grow sales and to generate leads, you can send out SMS Ads to the targeted audience of your choice. 

To create an effective ad, the message needs to be compelling, insightful and captivating. Most importantly your message should be to the point. You are allowed a maximum of 134 characters.

Below are some simple but interesting facts about SMS Ads that will make your experience seamless.

Fun Facts About Your SMS Ads

  • An SMS Ad can have 6 different states- scheduled, sending, paused, sent, blocked and pending approval.

  • You can only edit scheduled, paused and blocked SMS Ads.

  • We block your SMS Ad if it contains fraudulent and inappropriate language.

  • Shorten your web address to reduce your character count. This should reduce your message cost per person.

  • We help you generate leads with the ads that you run. Your leads eventually become your customers.

  • You may choose to reach out to your leads via bulk SMS with Notify. Notify is our messaging platform that allows you to communicate with your customers in the simplest and most affordable way.

We hope you are excited and ready to grow your market reach with Hubtel Ads. Click here to learn more about how to create an SMS Ad.