Add, Edit and manage all your employees on Hubtel. 

Before anyone (especially sales employees) can sell or access any information in your store or shop, you must associate them to your business account on Hubtel. You can assign four levels of access to your employees:

1. POS USER – Great for non-managers. They are able to do things like process sales, check sales activities, and add customers to sales but are restricted from management functions such as adding and editing items and other users.

2. Managers – This level is able to do everything a cashier can, but also has access to the full log of customer payments from inside and outside the location they manage.

3. Administrator The admin user level is intended for the head office account. Admins have full access to view and change all store operations within your account except for setting transfer accounts and adding other Admins and Super Admins.  

4. Super Administrator The Super admin user level is intended for the store owner, director or partner. Super Admins have full access to view and change all store operations within your account. The user type can process refunds and other higher level store management operations. If you’d like more than one person to have full permissions it is possible to create multiple Super Admin users.

5. API User – The API User is an employee account that represents a piece of software or an app that can sell or manage sales and funds on your account. To add a new API User to generate Keys for your developers, see this article

To add a new employee:

  1. In the menu bar, click the profile icon and then Settings -> Business Settings -> Employees.

  2. Once here, click the Add button on your top right.

  3. Select Employee from the drop down list. 

  4. Fill in the employee details:

  •  Full Name (first name and last name) – A combination of these names will appear on receipts and in the mobile app when they are logged in.

  • Mobile Phone Number – A PIN will be sent to this mobile phone number for the employee to login with.

  • Role –This is the type of account the user will have. The difference between each role is described above.

  • PIN  - This is a quick login PIN to the POS devices. You can communicate this to the employee so they can start work as quickly as possible. 

    5. Click Save after providing correct and accurate details.

Your new employee can now log into Hubtel and get working!