Add or update the bank or mobile money as the final destination of all your electronic funds received on Hubtel.

Your Transfer account on Hubtel is like your bank account. This is where we keep all the electronic (mobile money and card) payments you receive from your customers as well as where you manage how money moves out to your other bank or mobile money accounts.

All payments you receive will be available to you once settled (after 24 hours for mobile money and within 3 working days for bank cards). 

You will see this amount in your Available balance.

Link a Bank or Mobile Money wallet to your Merchant Account

You have to link your bank account or mobile money wallet so that you can move your receivables or funds out of your Hubtel Account.

To do this;

  1. In the menu bar, click the profile icon and then Settings -> Business Settings -> Transfer Settings.

  2. You have the option of adding a Mobile Money Account or a Bank Account

  3. Provide the required account details and Save.

  4. You should receive an SMS with a code to authorize and complete the process. 

  5. If successful, you are now set to be able to transfer funds from your Hubtel Account.

Note: Always double check to make sure account details provided are accurate.