All You Need To Know About Your Budget And Schedule

Tips to help with your ad's budget and schedule

With our budget and scheduling feature, you have control over the expenses and timeline for your marketing ads. There are two types of budget selection:
  • Total Budget– Set a start date and indicate the total number of people you would like to reach. The ad ends when we reach the number of people indicated.

  • Daily Budget– Set a start and end date and indicate the number of people the SMS Ad should be sent to daily till the end date.

Your budget should be lesser or equal to your existing Hubtel balance. If your budget is greater than your existing Hubtel balance, you will have to top up or reduce your balance if you want to send the ad.

Fun Facts About Your Budget And Schedule

  • When changing your start date, you cannot set it backwards to the current date that you are making the change

  • You may only make changes to the number of target audience and schedule when the SMS Ad is scheduled

  • Reduce the number of people you can reach when you exceed your Hubtel balance.

How much are you willing to pay and how long do you want your SMS Ad to last?