Setting A Schedule With A Total Budget

Learn how to set a Budget for your Ad

A budget is the number of people you would like to reach. This translates into the how much money you want to spend. With Hubtel Ads, you can either set a daily budget or have an ad run on a total budget. To run an ad on a total budget:
  1. From the Hubtel Ads page, click the Create SMS Ad button.
  2. Enter your ad name, sender ID, and message. Then click Next.
  3. When you have set your target audience and chosen recipients for a copy of your message, click Next.
  4. Set a start date on the Budget and Schedule page
  5. Select When I reach my total audience from the end date drop down menu.
  6. Enter the total number of people you would like to reach.
  7. On the right pane, you may view information such as people count and the preferred categories.
  8. Select Confirm to preview your SMS Ad, and Save to activate it. Your SMS Ad ends when you exhaust your budget.