All You Need To Know About Your Leads

Tips to help you Managing your Leads

Lead generation is the process of creating interest in your business’s products or services. Your leads, in a marketing context, are potential sales contacts.

Hubtel Ads helps you generate these leads by tracking recipients who take interest in your SMS ads. Your leads are simply represented by a valid phone number. When members of your target audience express interest in the ads you send them, we’ll let you know and help you follow up with them.

Fun Facts About Your Leads

  • For every ad that you create, we track the leads generated.

  • Recipients who take interest in your SMS Ad can follow a USSD prompt to confirm interest.

  • The phone numbers of those interested are collected and displayed in the Leadstab.

  • We tie each lead to the SMS Ad that they respond to.

  • You may download the phone numbers of your leads.

  • You can now engage your leads via Notify.

Your lead generation efforts and approach to dealing with leads can significantly impact your business’ success in the marketplace.