Welcome On Board

Getting started on Automate

Welcome on board. Thanks for choosing Hubtel!. Congratulations on discovering Hubtel Automate on the portal. This section gives you in-depth knowledge on Automate and will help you understand all the tools that make it a great experience.

Hubtel Automate is an application that enables you to schedule and automatically send messages. With it, you can set your contacts list and target your messages to the groups that matter most to you.

For a seamless experience, Hubtel Automate provides a set of templates to guide you as you create your campaigns. We designed these templates based on patterns of usage of our existing users.

Presently, these templates have three broad categories; Alerts, Reminders, and Call-to-Action. Under each category, there are specific examples for which users reach their customers. These templates are quick launchers for creating a campaign.

  • ALERTS– Birthday wishes, Occasional Alerts, and Product Announcement
  • REMINDERS– Meeting reminder, Payment Reminders, and Confirmations
  • CALL-to-ACTION– Promotional messages, Tit Bits, and Helpful Tip

You can also build your own campaign from scratch. These campaigns can be for your own unique purpose. Click here to learn more about campaigns.