Creating A Campaign

A step by step guide to creating a Campaign

Creating a campaign in Automate means scheduling a message that you send to a segment of your contact list. To create a new campaign;

STEP 1: Create a Campaign

  1. At the top of the homepage, select the template, Customize Your Campaign to customize your own campaign
  2. Give a name to your campaign 
  3. Select a Sender ID from your Hubtel account 
  4. Select Next to continue

STEP 2: Create a Contact List

  1. Select Upload contacts from file  
  2. Select Choose file to upload a file from your computer. The file must be of Excel (xls, xlsx) format. 
  3. Give the contact list a name 
  4. Select Next to continue 
  5. Match each column to a field type and select Next to continue 
  6. View Import Summary and click Finish to continue

STEP 3: Add Your Message(s)

(a) To add your message;

  1. Add your message
  2. Click on Personalize to add a personal touch to the message. You can select the column headings, which are the attributes/details of each contact.
  3. Select Say it differently or Upload File to vary your message content. Choose either In Sequence or At Random to specify the order in which your messages send.
  4. Select Next to continue

(b) To set a schedule;

  1. Select the message frequency.
  2. Set a time.
  3. Set the start and end date. You can set multiple schedules on a single auto message.
  4. Select Next to continue.

(c) To create a segment in your list-

  1. State the rules for grouping some contacts within a list
  2. Select Next to continue

STEP 4: Preview and Confirm

  1. Select Complete to save campaign. You have successfully created a campaign with a scheduled automated message.

Note: You can add more messages to a campaign even after creating that campaign.