All You Need To Know About Your Contact Lists

Tips to help you with your contact lists

Hubtel Automate provides the ability to define your own audience using a contact list. This is a named list that contains a collection of contacts to which a campaign is relevant. 

Each contact is defined by its attributes, such as phone numbers, ages, genders, or any other piece of information you include. Automate intuitively matches your customers’ attributes to the appropriate field names based on the data

One of the most noteworthy features offered by Automate is that it allows you to segment a contact list. Segmenting helps you target specific groups of your contacts within your list with the messages that suit them best.


Here is a list of actions you can take on a campaign;

  • Disable list: This prevents you from linking a campaign with the disabled list of contacts. Contacts within this list cannot receive messages.
  • Enable list: Contacts within this list can receive messages if they are tied to an active campaign. You can link this list to campaigns.
  • Delete list: Permanently remove this list from your Automate account.
  • Edit list: Change the name of the list and add more fields.
  • Export list: Download the list. You could choose to do this to make changes to the contacts’ details or to update your database.
  • Update list: Add more contacts to the list by uploading a file or entering them one by one. These contacts should, however, have the same attributes as the existing contacts within the list, otherwise, their information won’t be represented correctly.
  • View contacts: View the details for each contact.

With all of these features, using your contacts to power your business is made simple yet effective Click here to learn more about creating a contact list.