All You Need To Know About Your Automated Messages

Tips to help with your Messages

The pulse of any campaign is its content strategy. An auto message is sent to a list of contacts on a schedule that you create. You can make your contacts feel special and improve loyalty with the message personalization feature. This is great for referring to your customers by their names!

Automate also helps you send different auto message to your contacts. To run an amazing birthday campaign, you have the avenue to add varied content to an auto message. This means that no two contacts need to receive the same birthday message on a particular day.

What Can You Do With An Auto Message?

  1. Edit Message: Modify the content of the message, the schedule, and the defined conditions.
  2. Delete Message: Permanently remove an auto message from a campaign and invariably Automate.
  3. Disable Message: Temporarily stop messages from sending on respective schedule.
  4. View Details: Details such report, message schedule and conditions are available.