Adding Alternate Content To Your Message

Learn how to add more versions of the same Message

With Automate, you can combine different versions of the same message into your campaigns. By not sending all of your customers the exact same message, you can make them feel more like you crafted the message with them in mind. To say it differently;
  1. On the Automate homepage, click on CUSTOMIZE YOUR CAMPAIGN
  2. Give your campaign a name and add a Sender ID

3. Add your contacts by selecting an existing contact list or uploading a new one

4. Compose your message.
5. To add alternate content to your message, click on the radio button that prompts you to Add alternate content to your message

6. You can either Add Another Message one-by-one or add a bulk with Upload content from a file option. 

7. Indicate the order using the drop down menu (either In Sequence or At Random)
8.Select Next to successfully save the varying content and continue