Getting Started with the Customers Feature on Hubtel 

Customers is a feature on the Hubtel platform that helps businesses build relationships with their customers when they interact with them

For every sale made, the customer's details such as their phone number, name, gender, etc, are stored within the Customers feature. For as long as customers interact with your business, you can discover helpful insights into who your loyal customers are; what their spending patterns are; etc.

With these insights, you can go many more steps above charts and funnels (don’t get us wrong—those are great too!).

Who Are Your Customers?

So, what would you like to know about your customer? And why is it important to know who your customers are?
It is key to find out about how your customers are using your product or service and interacting with your brand.
Information like: Adwoba made a purchase via mobile money on June 30, 2018, can be super helpful for understanding your customers and their experience with your product.

Why it’s Important to Collect Customer Data

 Customer data is all the rage now. Here are just a few popular use cases: 

1. Provide amazing customer service.  

Armed with enough information on your customers, sales and customer service efforts during 1:1 conversations are enhanced. If you know what a customer is already doing, what she is missing, and what she is having trouble with, you can provide better support and cut down on the back and forth about a customer’s situation. 

2. Gather targeted user feedback.  

To make sure you are providing a service that people want, you have to talk to your customers! The best product companies have tight communication loops with their customers. Customer data makes this easier, since you can easily target surveys and chats to particular groups of customers. You would probably have different questions for power, casual, and dormant customer segments. 

3. Grow your audience with personalized campaigns. 

The best kind of marketing feels like it’s 1:1. By collecting customer data, you can send personalized messages to your customers at scale. Customers love a personal touch and want to feel like the business sees them individually, not as just a slice of a demographic. It’s not enough to market to a customer, you must also connect with them as well.