Create gift cards and send to as many people as required with a click on a button. 

Customers that feel appreciated are far more likely to talk positively about your business and recommend it to their friends. 

Rewarding your customers incentivizes them to make additional purchases and sending them mobile gift cards is one easy, affordable and simple way to incentive your customers.

To send gift cards;

    1. From the top navigation menu, select Gifts & Rewards.   

 2. Click Send Gift Cards.
3. Choose a gift card design from the list presented.


4. Choose how your recipients can use the money on the gift card.
     a. Spend in your business only: The recipients (customers) can only pay for goods and services using the money on the gift cards yousend           to them.
     b.  Spend anywhere: The recipients (customers) will receive the money on the gift card as a cash reward. They can spend it in or out of                 your   business.
5. Select or enter a customer amount to send to each recipient. 

6.  Select the recipients to send gift cards to.

Here, you can choose some number of people from your top list of customers based on how many times they come to buy from you (top visitors) or how much in total they spend in your shop (top spenders.)

Equally, you can enter or copy and paste a list of phone numbers as recipients of the gift cards.

Note: Remember to separate each number with a comma (,).

7. Once you are satisfied with your choices, click on Proceed.
8. Name this gift card so you can find it easily later. Confirm the details and click Pay Now.

9. Enter your phone number. You will receive a one time verification PIN.

10. Follow the instructions to verify phone number.
11. Choose your preferred mode of payment, complete payment and gift cards will be sent to all your recipients.   

    12. Your customers can now redeem their gift cards on

Important: The gift cards will be sent electronically to your recipients. This means that their mobile phone numbers must be accurate and in use.