A dispute occurs when a customer questions a charge on their issued card. A valid dispute can lead to a chargeback if you fail to provide strong evidence to counter it. When a dispute occurs, Hubtel locks the transaction in dispute and instantly sends an email notifying the merchant.

You're required to quickly provide evidence to be be used to respond to the dispute for a resolution to be reached. If your evidence is not strong enough, you're required to refund the customer. However, if the dispute in question can't be resolved, either party can escalate it further. In most cases this is not needed.


If a customer disputes a transaction and issues a chargeback, it is often a case between the customer, the merchant and the issuing banks. As your payment processor, Hubtel will help to facilitate the chargeback process, we will not be liable for the chargeback itself. If the chargeback is ruled in favor of the customer, the merchant will bear the liability.


There may be fees associated with chargebacks. These fees vary across our upstream providers and are passed on to the merchant. A Reserve Balance of between 5% - 25% of your monthly processing traffic will be held by Hubtel for the purpose of refunds and chargebacks, if your account is found to be high risk on chargebacks.

Details Required Disputing a Chargeback

If you do not agree with the chargeback, then you can assist Hubtel to dispute the chargeback by providing more details on the transaction including:

  • A legible copy of the sales receipt of the product or service in question and anything that proves the quality of the items or services was acceptable.

  • Proof that the delivery of a product was completed successfully or that a service was rendered in full.

  • Indications that previous transactions from the same IP address, email address, physical address or telephone number were undisputed.

  • Proof the purchase was made by a member of the cardholder’s family or household.