The Hubtel Online Checkout API allows merchants to accept online payment for goods and services using mobile money and credit/debit cards. You can integrate the API directly into your website or mobile app.  

Note: Accepting Card Payments

Please note that we review all KYC information that you provide directly with our card acquiring banks who have the exclusive right to grant or refuse your request after reviewing your website and business operations.

It is important to note that this review process may take up to 10 days depending on the nature of your business and the accuracy of the information you provide. We therefore strongly recommend that you provide accurate information to assist the process.

New Features for Added Security and Convenience

The new Hubtel Online Checkout API includes an added two-factor verification process to help in User identification and discovery.

In addition to accepting payments using mobile money and credit/debit cards, you can now receive payments made through the loyalty app, which gives customers free rewards, discounts and offers as they make payments. 

How Do I integrate the API into my Website/Mobile App?

 1. Create a Hubtel Account here

 2. Upload the needed KYC information and documents to validate your account.

 3. Create API keys on your Hubtel Account.

 4. Refer to the Hubtel Online Checkout API below:


Kindly note that, API integration requires a certain level of technical ability. If you are a website/mobile app owner without the technical skills, you will need a developer to assist you in doing this.