A Mobile Money Reversal occurs when a customer requests for a payment to be returned to his/her a mobile money wallet. This may be due to an unauthorized payment on the customer's mobile money wallet; double payment for a good or service by customer, successful debit by Hubtel but merchant didn't receive funds or a mistake on the part of the customer.

Reversals are similar to chargebacks on card payments. A customer may file a complaint to a Mobile Network Operator on a debit transaction and request for money to be reversed to his or her account. The mobile network operator then forwards the request to Hubtel to credit the mobile money wallet of the customer.

As soon as a reversal request is filed to Hubtel, the transaction in question is locked to avoid the Merchant from sweeping the funds out. An email will be sent to notify the merchant of the locked transaction. The request will be investigated and if the customer has a case the funds will be reversed accordingly.

How to Avoid Reversals

When a reversal request is reported to you. The best step to take is to quickly respond to Hubtel and contact your customer on the disputed transaction. Where possible you can provide value to customer to prevent the payment from being reversed or provide a refund to the customer. 

To prevent your customers from escalating issues to the networks, ensure that you have responsive customer service channels where customers can contact you in case the need arises.