Sending SMS messages to your customers with our Quick Send API is as easy as a making a simple HTTP request. All that is required is your API credentials which can be found on your Hubtel dashboard here. Create your API key if you don’t have any.

Quick Send SMS
To quickly send a message you can copy and run the sample code below by replacing the placeholders with the appropriate values.{From}&To={To}&Content={Content}&ClientId={ClientId}&ClientSecret={ClientSecret}&RegisteredDelivery={RegisteredDelivery}

Placeholders Description

From: The sender address. In case it is a telephone number it must comply with the telephone rules.
To: The recipient telephone number. It must comply with the telephone rules.

Content: The message content.
ClientId: Your Unity API Client ID.
ClientSecret: Your Unity API Client secret.

RegisteredDelivery: A true or false setting to indicate a delivery report request.

Telephone Rules

Any telephone number used must be in the international telephone number format and must be url encoded. For example +233247064786 is in the international telephone number format.

Refer to full API reference