Receive SMS allows you to receive SMS replies from your audience. Firstly, you need to request for a Number Plan. This involves purchasing an SMS short code and a keyword from Hubtel. You also need to implement the Receive SMS API.

1. Go to SMS Short Codes on the main Hubtel navigation bar.

2. Click Check Number Plans

3. Then Click on Request a New Number Plan. 

Fill out the necessary information required for the Number Plan Request:

Subject: Request For Number Plan and Keyword

Department: Sales
Category: Short Code Services
Content: This will contain your request. Eg A service to receive feedback from customers for a new product line.

When you successfully submit the form, you’ll be contacted by Hubtel team member to further assist you. A number plan with keywords will be configured on your account, once all the terms and conditions of the service are agreed upon by you and Hubtel and payment for the Number Plan is received by Hubtel.

A campaign requires an active Number Plan and Keyword(s). Set up a two-way messaging campaign with the following simple steps:

1. Login to Hubtel.

2. Go to Short Codes.

3. Click on Check Campaigns.

4. Then, click on Start New Campaign.

5. Fill out the following:

Description – a short campaign title.
Brief – a brief description of your campaign.

Start date and End date of your campaign.

6. Click on Next to continue.

On the Keywords page, select the appropriate keyword for this campaign and click on next to continue.

You also need to provide your campaign CallBack URL HTTP Dynamic URL of your SMS Application. Hubtel will push incoming SMS to your application via the CallBack URL for onward processing by your application.

Security Measures
In order to ensure the credibility of the http request please do the following checks:

  • Verify that the web request is indeed coming from Hubtel in the application.
  • Firewall limiting access to only requests coming from Hubtel server.
  • End-to-end encryption via SSL.

For example if your application is hosted on, the Hubtel server will post the message to The xxx included in the URL are placeholders for the actual message variables. The placeholder variables are case sensitive and must be in the lower case. You can choose to use any variables you wish. Your application will respond with HTTP status code 200 or 202 and optionally the reply message in the HTTP response body.