If you need to create new API Keys, kindly see this article.

If you need to delete, update, regenerate API tokens or view permissions on the keys assigned to an API User, kindly follow the steps below.

Regenerate API Tokens

If you need to get new tokens;

1. In the menu bar, click the profile icon and then Settings -> Business Settings -> Employees.

2. Once here, click the API Users tab.

3. Find the API User assigned the keys from the list of API Users.

4. When you find the user, click on the list view icon from the top right corner on your API User list.


5. Here, you will see the API User name, API ID, status of the API User and the three dots action.

6. Click on the Three Dots icon on the left of the API User row.


7. Select Regenerate Keys from the list of options.
8. Follow the steps to copy the new keys.

Delete API Tokens

If you need to delete any API tokens generated, click on Remove Employee after you find the employee from the API User's list.

Confirm the delete action to remove the API User.

All API keys associated with the API User will be deleted.