Understanding the key metrics for monitoring your business

A user-friendly dashboard that shows the key performance indicators on your Hubtel account. It is meant to make your life easier so that you can spend less time tracking down all of your data and analyzing it.


What Metrics are Available:

  1. Hubtel Account Balance: View the total amount you have in your earned from mobile money and card payments. It is a breakdown of  the amount you can transfer to your mobile money or bank account  and the amount that is yet to settle. You can also go to Transfer Funds to transfer your money in just a click.

  2. Business Details: Get quick info about your business. This includes the number of users, branches, your POS payment code and other details on your Hubtel account. Go to Settings to view more business details.

  3. Sales Summary: The sales metric will give you a daily, weekly or monthly snapshot of your overall earnings. If you have revenue targets, this can be a convenient way of quickly checking on your progress without having to delve too deep into further reports.

  4. Sales Trend: This shows your total sales for the past 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months. For each period selected, the data is compared. 

  5. Customer Trend: This shows the total number of customers you have acquired broken down by new vs. returning  for the past 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months.