Find sales easily and quickly from anywhere anytime. 

What are the Sales Transactions?

The Sales Transactions page is where your employees can perform after sales operations such as sales retrieval.

They can view sale details (including receipts).

Finding your way around the Sales Transactions:

The Sales Transactions page is made up of two main sections;the search filters and the list of sales. For more information on these sections read on below:

Filtering Sales Transactions

Depending on the number of transactions you have processed, you may want to use the search filters to make finding a sale easier. The search filters come in handy in further narrowing your search for a particular transaction.

Filter by a specific date range, by the employee who processed the sale, by sale status, the receipt number of the sale or the phone number of the customer who was attached to the sale.

Viewing Sale Details

To find these details, locate the sale you would like to view.

Click on sales by selecting the row of the sale.

This will popup the sale details, revealing payments receipts in this sale.


Downloading Sales For Further Analytics

You may use the Download button in the top right section by the search filter to export your sales history and any filtered version of it for your own further analytics into your sales and store performance.

Currently, you can export to excel and only up to 12 months data. More export formats will be added later.