Learn how to add, remove or set new stock to keep your inventory up to date. 

Very often, you will receive new stock, you may also sometimes need to refund or return items for some reason, to keep your store up to date, you will need to regularly count inventory and when you have multiple branches, you are very likely to move stock from one branch or another, this is where the stock adjustment feature in Hubtel can come in handy.

There are three ways stock can be added or adjusted.

  1. When adding new items.
  2.  Manual stock adjustments (existing items). 
  3. Automatic adjustments through sales and returns. 

Set initial stock when adding new items

To set initial stock when adding items;

  1. From the Add Items screen, provide all the details of the item.
  2. Select Track Inventory in the adding item process.  


 3. Immediately after the item is created, you will be asked to select the branches you wish to stock.
4. Select the branches. 

5. Then provide the initial stock for each item or item variant at the selected branches.


6. Set the low stock point at which you wish to be notified to restock. 

7. Click Save to complete.

Manual stock adjustments (existing items).

To adjust stock on an item manually;

  1. Select the item whose stock you wish to adjust from the items list page. 


2.  Repeat step 5 - 8 from above to complete adjustment.