Learn how to report an issue on a transaction to get it resolved as fast as possible. 

If you have a question about how a transaction or find that something went wrong, you can quickly and confidently report the issue with that specific transaction to get it resolved as fast as possible.

To report an issue with a transaction from the web app;

  1. Find the transaction from Sales Transactions.

  2. Click on the transaction to view or show its details.

  3. Click  on the Report An Issue link.

4. Select the reason that best describes the problem.

5. If you cannot find any reason from the list that best describes your issue, click Otherand type out your issue.

 5. Click Submit to send the report to Hubtel.
6. Confirm the details sent to Hubtel and Close.
7. A support representative will chat with you to resolve your issue as fast as possible.