The Hubtel Premium Messaging API enables Content Providers to manage subscriptions, charge and deliver content to mobile users at a premium rate. This means a subscriber will be charged higher than standard SMS rates for receiving an SMS.

The charge is applied to a mobile user’s phone credit. This presents an opportunity for distributing content in Africa due to the high mobile penetration in the continent. A revenue share payout is agreed and signed between Hubtel and the Content Provider.

To use this API, you need to purchase a shortcode and request for keywords to be set on your account. You also need to implement the Receive SMS API.

Premium Content Subscriptions.

Premium Content subscriptionns on Hubtel has both single opt-in and double opt-in flows. Single opt-in is a one step subscription process whiles double opt-in is a two-step process. Double opt-in requires the mobile user to confirm subscription. 

Premium Content Subscription Flow for MTN.

The MTN subscription flow is strictly double opt-in for both web and SMS subscription flows. There's no single-opt-in feature.

For instance, if a user texts a keyword to a shortcode, a USSD prompt is pushed to the user for subscription confirmation.


Premium Content Subscription Flow for Airtel, Tigo & Vodafone. 

These networks allow for both single opt-in and double opt-in. For single opt-in flows, once a user sends a subscription keyword to your assigned short code, the user can be subscribed to your service. 

On the other, for double opt-in flows, a user will always have to complete a two-step OTP verification process to confirm subscription.  

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