What Are Wallets On Hubtel?

All you need to know about wallets on your account

Wallets are payment channels that help you pay for services. allows you to store and manage all your mobile money wallets, bank cards and loyalty cards. 

Aside from the bank cards or mobile money wallets you add yourself, there are two default wallets on your account; Gratis and wallets

Gratis wallet: This is your loyalty or rewards wallet which stores all the points you have earned on your account. It also keeps gift cards you have redeemed. You cannot top up this wallet, however, you can send points here to your mobile wallet or use it to purchase services. wallet: This wallet is used to store the money debited as part of verifying your bank card or mobile wallet. In the rare cases where you perform transactions and they fail, the money debited from you is reversed into this wallet.  

You can select this wallet as a payment channel when paying for services.