SMS content is sent to subscribers of a premium service through the Unity Send SMS HTTP API. This is currently the most common means of monetizing content. It allows for content to be charged on subscribers mobile credit when the SMS message is successfully delivered.

  • The tariff to be charged is determined by the From parameter. This represents the shortcode. For example all billing on 1944 on MTN Ghana is @ 30p.
  • The user to be charged is determined by the To parameter.
  • The content/SMS to be delivered is specified by the Content parameter.
  • Authentication is handled by creating a ClientId and ClientSecret on your account here. Please note Hubtel Technical Team have to perform additional configuration for your API keys to send premium SMS instead of bulk SMS.
  • Some Network Operators require additional information on the service a user is being billed for. This is usually supplied as the Billinginfo parameter.

Content/SMS is sent to the user per subscription terms whenever you intend to bill the user.

The user’s credit is deducted and then the SMS is delivered. The billing and content delivery is usually handled by the network Operator. A delivery response of “Delivered” indicates successful billing.

The receipt of this status is essential during payout calculations. If the user’s credit balance is less than the tariff charge, billing is unsuccessful and a failed response status is received.