How To Add A Mobile Money Wallet

Add a mobile money wallet as a payment channel

Wallets are payment channels that help you pay for services you want to perform. allows you to store and manage all your mobile money wallets, bank cards and loyalty cards. You can add as many bank cards or mobile money wallets as you want once you can verify them as yours.

To add a mobile wallet,

1. Tap the "Wallet" icon at the bottom of your screen

2. Tap the "plus sign" at the top right corner of your screen to add a wallet.

3. Select Mobile Wallet as the payment Channel

4. Enter the mobile money number.

To ensure that the wallet belongs to you, we will send you a payment request of a random amount of up to 1 Ghana Cedi. Approve this request to complete adding your wallet. Don’t worry, the money debited will put in your wallet which you can use to purchase a service or send back to yourself.